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Meet Our Therapists


Tara Crozier

MSW, RSW, Partner

Tara has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. Tara has worked in Mental Health for 15 years and has a broad range of clinical experience. She has practiced in hospital settings, an out patient clinical team, as well as providing counselling to individual and families in a primary care setting in both Hamilton, and New Zealand.


Tara has a warm and holistic approach, and her special interests include working with individuals experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting and family issues, bereavement and loss as well as work and life related stressors. Tara has an integrative approach to her practice including a strengths based, and mindfulness lens and incorporating Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), along with other evidence informed modalities and interventions. Tara has completed CBT Level I & II for Depression and Anxiety Disorders and has obtained the CBT certificate from Laurier University.  She values a collaborative approach to care, and enjoys guiding individuals on their journey of personal growth and wellness. 

Megan Locke.jpeg

Megan Hope

M.Ed, RP, Partner

Megan has a Master's degree in counselling psychology from the OISE/University of Toronto and is a Registered Psychotherapist. Megan has worked in the field for 15 years providing counselling to individuals, families, and groups in a variety of settings including hospital clinics and primary care teams. Megan has an interest in helping people work through anxiety, depression, trauma, emotion regulation difficulties, grief, family, parenting, and relationship issues. Megan's clinical approach includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), person-centred, emotion focused therapy (EFT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).  She believes therapy can be a transformative experience to help people live with more calm and ease. 


Lauren Van Impe

MC, RP, Partner

Lauren has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Psychotherapist. Lauren has over 15 years of experience providing mental health support in a variety of settings including early intervention programs, youth justice, walk-in clinics and family practice clinics.

Lauren’s clinical interests include working with individuals and couples to aid in resolving issues related to anxiety, depression, grief, emotion regulation, relational challenges, self-esteem/self-worth and other barriers preventing growth. Lauren takes a client-centred approach and believes in the value of self-care and self-compassion as instruments to growth. Lauren draws upon a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Self-Compassion to meet the needs and goals of her clients.


Anne- Marie Bankes

RSW, MSW, Associate

Annie is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she earned her Master of Social Work degree. As a Registered Social Worker, Annie has a complex understanding of the psychological and social factors that influence mental health and wellness. She has a strong passion to help promote secure, resilient individuals, as well as successful relationships between and within families. Annie uses a calm, welcoming approach, championing the journey and successes of those she’s working with.

With over 10 years of experience providing mental health services, Annie has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including: schools, primary care, military operations, youth justice, private practice, athletics and sport organizations. 

Annie is currently available to work with individuals who have concerns related to: anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, stress management, self-esteem, gender and sexuality, parenting skills training, and children & youth with disordered eating patterns. Annie often brings a certified K9 friend to sessions.  

In her down time, Annie enjoys spending time outdoors with her partner and their pups, as well as relaxing at home with their feline friends. She also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping, a variety of sports, and reading.

Michelle CHarles

MSW, RSW, Associate

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Michelle is a Registered Social Worker. She has clinical experience in the areas of sexual violence, childhood abuse, intimate partner abuse/domestic violence, depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. She has training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) as an evidence-based treatment for PTSD; Clinical Traumatologist training and certification from the Traumatology Institute (Canada); and training in CBT for the treatment of mental health difficulties from Wilfrid Laurier University. Michelle’s early training began in Social Work research, policy, and Anti-Oppressive Practice, which evolved into a focus on clinical work.  Michelle provided counselling and psychotherapy for almost nine years at a Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Treatment Centre in Ontario where she supported many individuals and families in healing from trauma. In addition to her role at Locke Psychotherapy Group, Michelle currently works with post-secondary students by supporting each to address a variety of mental health difficulties and life challenges. 


Anna Gualtieri

MSW, RSW, Associate

Anna has been providing psychotherapy in the area of trauma for twenty years.   She is aware that even though the memories of trauma cannot be undone, people can heal from their experiences and move forward in a more fulfilling way for themselves.  Recognizing that PTSD can be debilitating, Anna works with her Clients to build coping tools, process, and understand the impact of their trauma.  Anna has her Master’s degree in Social Work and understands the importance of consistently building her therapeutic skills, with the latest, evidence based modalities, to optimize a person’s experience in therapy.  She has completed extensive training which includes, both Level One and Level Two of EMDR, CBT, DBT, and is currently in the process of being certified in Somatic Experiencing.  She has received her certification in Traumatology at the Traumatology Institute.   Most of Anna’s therapeutic background has been working in the field of Intimate Partner Violence, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence.  She has extensive experience working with dissociation and specifically DID.  Further, her experience working in oncology, palliation, and chronic medical illness, has given her a broader knowledge and appreciation of the impact they have in one’s life, and is able to provide a safe therapeutic space for a person to cope and understand their journey with these life experiences.


Melissa Kimber

PhD, MSW, RSW, Associate

Melissa is a Registered Social Worker and focuses her practice on supporting children and youth who are experiencing relationship challenges (e.g., with peers, siblings, parents, intimate or dating partners), or emotional or behavioural challenges at home or at school. She has completed training in motivational interviewing, family-based therapy, and emotion-focused family therapy. As a general principle, Melissa believes in the importance of involving parents in their child or youth’s counselling/psychotherapy (where possible and appropriate) and will typically work with children, youth and their parents in one-on-one and/or family-based sessions. She completed her PhD in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University. In addition to her part-time role at Locke Psychotherapy Group, Melissa is a full-time Assistant Professor within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences and a Core Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies, both at McMaster. 

Susan Ockrant-Johnston.jpg

Susan Ockrant-Johnston

MSW, RSW, Associate

Susan completed her Masters of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University.  She has been working as a therapist for the past 18 years.  She worked at McMaster University, doing personal counselling with students, while carrying a part time practice of her own. Susan loves to work with issues such as stress, self esteem, and life transitions such as having children, parenting, adjusting to empty nesting, and relationship issues. She has training in and uses Self Compassion, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Gottman and Solution Focussed therapy.


Susan offers counselling that can provide you with a different perspective and new tools for managing life’s challenges. In a relaxed and open-minded setting, she works with her clients to identify how you want to feel in your life.  Susan will develop a plan to achieve your goals and increase your well-being. She draws on both her professional and personal experience to help you identify your own strengths and find solutions that work for you, while honouring your experiences, feelings and beliefs.


Andrea LISS

MSW, RSW, RP Practice Consultant

Andrea has been in the field for over twenty years as an educator and clinician.  She has a Master’s degree in Social Work.  She has worked in both medical and educational settings.  Andrea enjoys helping people recover from anxiety, depression and trauma.  Her warmhearted approach is heavily rooted in cognitive behaviour therapy.   Andrea is on sabbatical until 2024.  If you are a former client and would like to be in touch, please call the main office.  

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